Monday, June 1, 2009


Ok, I am so addicted to this game it is insane!! It is like brick breaker on steroids and you can download user made levels and things go boom and you get all these coins and you get extra lives and stuff moves and things go boom, kablam, wadosie!!! I love it!!! And have to limit myself to only a few hours, oops I mean levels a day!! It is taking the place of my crochet currently. Did I mention things go "BOOM"!!

Ok, here are some pics of current projects:

Projects on the hooks:

Octopus for my dd13 to replace the one I gave to the lys

Snow Dragon cause I like dragons


  1. Haha. Super cute crochet!

    I have a particular problem with the game Insane Aquarium. I also just downloaded Brain Breaker, which is a puzzle making software. Seriously...too much fun stuff!

  2. How cute. If I ever have grandchildren (the girls aren't even married yet!), I will have to give these a try!

  3. thank you! You don't need children in your life, I have made something for each of the girls at work for their desk, put a magnet in it and you have an excuse for something cute on your desk!

  4. Just found out about the blogging platform on Ravelry. YEA! Have been looking for a long time on how to check in on Ravelry people who blog. I'll keep checking on you!