Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bad Blogger, Bad Girl!!!

Ok, so I have not been very good at this but in my defense I am a busy lady!! We had soccer tournaments over the weekend and it was the end of the school year. I struggle to get pics from camera to computer to blog and don't feel it is worth posting without some pretty pics. So hopefully you all will forgive me (not that there are many of you out there).
First order of business, latest creations:


Another Mario 'Shroom

Also I have been busy cleaning out "that corner" of my room, you all know, the corner that we all toss our left over yarn, bags of new yarn, tidbits of nonsense we aren't currently working on, etc... it has been building for *cough, cough* several years. But this weekend I did it, I cleaned it out, I found unbelievable stuff and projects on the knitting needles (haven't knit in about 2 years) that I cannot even remember what I was making. I don't normally go by a pattern when I knit so it was all in my head and I feel like me and the girls might have a frogging party soon! Anyway, I had the girls bring all the yarn out into the living room to sort... ummmm... did ya'll know yarn breeds like bunnehs??? Where did it all come from and that wasn't my stash yarn, that is downstairs all nice and organized, this was just current project yarn. Wow!! It was exciting and scary. Hubby is going to help me find a place to access it better. Kids sorted by color and will be sorted by fiber when shelf is ready. Here are some pics:

Now this is just a small sampling that I could get on camera... it doesn't include the 2 pillowcases of llama wool, sheeps wool, numerous felting bits and tools, nor does it include any needles and accessories I had laying around!! I think I need help, Yarn Anonymous anyone?? I swear I didn't take a moment to roll in it, but if I did, I certainly didn't enjoy it ending up with numerous yarny bits all woven in my hair... sigh....
Ok, well I have to go for now, look for updates on the garden and what's new with the girls in the next post!!

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