Thursday, June 4, 2009


Ok, so I owed dd13 an octopus. I gave hers to the shop where I am teaching classes so they could have some amigurumi to display (along with some sheep, owls and frogs). Now we won't even discuss the fact that she has already been given a Mario star, a purple cube, a sheep, a snail, whale, and the numerous projects I have made for her friends... nope, we won't discuss those projects. We will discuss the "When are you going to make me an octopus to replace the one you gave away Mom?" "Woe is me, I have no octopus" "I live an octopus free life, nobody loves me"... Ok so its not that bad, just the first quote is accurate (live my life and you will understand the others).
Well I started on the octopus and it was a nice lovely dark blue, but then I had a sprig of inspiration and asked her did she want an octopus or did she want a jellyfish!?! She chose jellyfish and I was excited to try the tentacles। I just had an idea in my head and voila, we have a jellyfish. It has rainbow, pink, yellow, and lt blue tentacles. It was pretty fun to make and turned out like the visual in my head. I didn't write this one down but really it was easy to repeat. Best of all dd13 loves it. It was explained that this replaces the octopus but they forget easily at this age. I doubt I hear the end of it!


  1. Your critters are so cute! I wish I could crochet :(

  2. I learned most everything from youtube videos! You can learn!