Sunday, May 31, 2009

Newest Ami - Mario Mushroom

Here is my newest amigurumi, I just loved this pattern, it was so easy and quick. How classic is this little character! This little guy is a free pattern from WolfDreamer so be sure and visit her blog!!

Gardens, Garage Sale Plunder and Gorgeous Weather!!

Well the weekend is almost over, only a few hours of daylight left and I feel I have accomplished so much yet there is so much more to go. I finally uploaded my pics and am able to share with you all (ok so no one reads this but me but maybe somewhere down the road someone may see this!).

First off my garden is doing rather well, except for the cucumbers which died a miserable death of unknown causes. I went out and bought another so hopefully they will do better. I also got a Super Sweet 100 Cherry tomato plant also. So here is pics of what I have planted:
Grape Tomatoes-----------------mini pumpkins-------------------zucchini

bush beans-----------------------yellow squash
I don't have pics of the new cucumbers or the new cherry tomatoes yet though.
The whole container garden set:

--------patio---------------homemade trellis for climbing veggies
I have also finished my Faerie Garden (so named because I wanted the faeries to have a lovely spot to rest)

On Saturday, the family and I went to the garage sales, we haven't done this in a while and boy did we make out like bandits!! My dd13 scored on a box full of mini dinosaurs (latest obsession), hubby got some cd's and dvd's, dd11 got a few stuffed animals and some cute clothes and I scored by racking up on some yarn and crochet/knit books/mags. I also got a hook, buttons, noses, and some odds and ends!! All for under $20 or so!


Various acrylics and cotton -----buttons, hook, decorative buttons, noses
more acrylic yarn----------------some fiberfil

Here is a look at the decorative buttons, I am going to use these on my ami's for eyes and various decorations. They look like buttons from the '70's. I love them!!

I have lots more to share but am sure this is enough for now!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday Already?!?!

Holy cow time passes fast. This weekend sped by but I got a lot done! It was gorgeous out and so sunny. I planted my container garden and hope to have some nice veggies in month or so. Here is what I planted:

  • Grape Tomatoes - Topsy Turvy (had to try it)
  • Cucumbers
  • Pole Beans
  • Yellow Squash
  • Zucchini
  • Baby Pumpkins (kids request)

I also got the rest of my perennials planted and I hopefully should be done planting for the year. Oops, forgot that someone from work is supposed to bring me a couple of hostas and a Rose of Sharon bush ( I trim these into tree shapes). I will post the pics when I get time to upload.

I also finished two more owlets and fixed my two froggies. I now have enough for the class in June. I wanted to showcase different sizes and colors for people to choose from. I even am in the process of felting one of the little frogs to see how it turns out.

I also posted my pig pattern on and seem to have gotten favorable responses so far. I also have it posted on I really need to get my sheep up and to decide if I want to give out my flamingo pattern for free or try to sell it. I wish I knew how to do a pdf better so it looked more professional. I could research it but that would take away from my crochet time!
My sheep (pattern I created):

and the large flamingo and small flamingo:

Now I am working on an awesome pattern by WolfDreamer, it is Mario Bros. Mushrooms!! Standby for pics!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Busy Weekend

Well, I've been a bad girl and missed a few days of posting. Let me tell you, it will happen again! I was under the weather for a few days then it got busy after that. Starting on Friday (my 16th anniversary) to today it has been non-stop nonsense. What is really sad is not much of it is worth writing about.
Ok, one fun thing is that I got to upgrade to a new cell phone finally and this time I didn't go with the cheapy free phone, nope, I picked out a Blackberry Pearl Flip phone, this is a fun phone. Also with the company I am with I don't have to have the internet plan so really it was the same as one of the cheaper phones! I loooooove it! "No more Butt dialing" (not that I have nor know of anyone who has dialed with their butt).

I also finished a couple of owls and redid the legs on a couple of frogs and started working on my baby snow dragon again. That is all the time I have had so far. I am not sure if I mentioned it before but I am teaching a class on Brigette Read's Owlets and Pincushion Frog in June. I am teaching at a super cute LYS called Ewetopia, it is about a 45 min drive for me but so worth it. The owners are such lovely people and they always have some great event going on. i wish they were closer so I could spend time there weekly. Any locals reading this should definitely pop in and visit the ladies there. I have taught a class on a Sheep I created once and I loved the experience. I cannot wait to teach again!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hottest Day of the Year!! (so far)

Whew, it was a hot one out, at least for this part of Ohio. And of course all my activities were spent outside today. My work had a huge party down in Cincy at the Reds game. We were in some fancy smancy suite and it was hot but somewhat shaded and just freakin' awesome. Didn't notice a game playing but was all you care to eat and open bar. I did get some crocheting done, finished my first washcloth (shock, I know) and did the body for another little owlet.

Then there was running around to take back my rental car and pick up my car and zoom off to the soccer fields to watch dd13 play. (short story with car, car got hit, car went ouch, car took two weeks to heal, car home and much better now)

Dd13 won soccer game (felt like 102 degrees out there) so now we are home and I am relaxed and chillin'.

Did I mention that I am getting over a nasty cold? Oh, guess not since I just started this blog yesterday. Yup, caught a cold at the soccer tournaments this past weekend along with dd11, its a 4 day virus and really drags you down. But if you are a mom, you know it can't stop you, just slow you down.

Tomorrow I am off work, so is hubby, it is our 16th anniversary! Yea us. Dunno what we are going to do, heck I can't even sleep in. I have to taxi the kids to school!! But whatever it is, it will be relaxing!

Yea for the 3 day weekend! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Piggie Pattern

This is one of the first patterns I created in the Amigurumi Style. Please let me know if there are any errors! Thanks

E hook
pink worsted yarn
9mm safety eyes
tapestry needle for sewing

Magic Circle (follow link to tutorial if new to amigurumi)
invdec - invisible decrease (follow link to tutorial)
sc - single crochet
inc - increase (2 sc in each st)
st - stitch
FO - Finish Object (usually decreasing or pulling together the last few stitches to close hole)
sl st - slip stitch
inc around (16)
1 sc, inc, repeat around (24)
2 sc, inc, repeat around (32)
3 sc, inc, repeat around (40)
4 sc, inc, repeat around (48)
10 rows sc around
4 sc, invdec, repeat around
3 sc, invdec, repeat around------------Put in eyes
stuff firmly but not stretching the stitches
2 sc, invdec, repeat around
1 sc, invdec, repeat around

magic circle 4
inc around
1 sc, inc, repeat around
2 sc, inc, repeat around
3 sc, inc, repeat around
Leave long tail for sewing(fold in half & shape to sew on)

Chain 11
Sc the row
Leave long tail for sewing(tail curls on own but may need shaping)

magic circle 8
inc around
2 rows sc around
stuff lightly
Leave long tail for sewing

Feet (optional, make 4)
magic circle 8
inc around
2 rows sc around
stuff lightly
Leave long tail for sewing

Assemble body using picture as a reference.

I added magnets to the top of the body on the inside and on the sides so this piggie could be magnetic for a friends office.

***This is a pic of the pig with feet done by Lori


Welcome to my new blog. I am creating this because I need a place to work out patterns I am creating, a place to get my frustrations out and a place to send my students when they need help. If you are here visiting my blog then welcome and hang on as I try to learn new stuff all the time!

About me: I am 37 and during the day I work at medical billing, at night I craft. I currently am crocheting, my interests are amigurumi (crochet animals), granny squares, and blankets. I love to watch videos to learn new styles, stitches, and patterns. It is a wonderful resource and I have learned so much from watching the videos. I also know how to knit and love to felt and design purses. I have needle felted but decided I don't have a big talent for it, I only do it for applique to items. I am very interested in spinning but have tried to do a drop spindle and I don't have much patience for it. I just inherited a spinning wheel from a relative and would love to work on it once I can get it fixed up.

My downfall, I tend to only be able to do one craft at a time. I tend to obsess over one thing until I get tired of it then I move on. I like to be creative and design my own patterns or improvise on others. I am not much of a rule follower so anything with an exact gauge is out!

I just started teaching classes in Amigurumi at a local yarn store, Ewetopia and found out I love it! Thanks Lori for the opportunity!! I hope to be able to do more classes!

Time is short for me due to two busy girls, my eldest plays Select Soccer and the youngest does Cheerleading. Both are time consuming but luckily my craft is portable!!

Please feel free to comment and introduce yourself as I bumble along on this blog!