Sunday, May 24, 2009

Busy Weekend

Well, I've been a bad girl and missed a few days of posting. Let me tell you, it will happen again! I was under the weather for a few days then it got busy after that. Starting on Friday (my 16th anniversary) to today it has been non-stop nonsense. What is really sad is not much of it is worth writing about.
Ok, one fun thing is that I got to upgrade to a new cell phone finally and this time I didn't go with the cheapy free phone, nope, I picked out a Blackberry Pearl Flip phone, this is a fun phone. Also with the company I am with I don't have to have the internet plan so really it was the same as one of the cheaper phones! I loooooove it! "No more Butt dialing" (not that I have nor know of anyone who has dialed with their butt).

I also finished a couple of owls and redid the legs on a couple of frogs and started working on my baby snow dragon again. That is all the time I have had so far. I am not sure if I mentioned it before but I am teaching a class on Brigette Read's Owlets and Pincushion Frog in June. I am teaching at a super cute LYS called Ewetopia, it is about a 45 min drive for me but so worth it. The owners are such lovely people and they always have some great event going on. i wish they were closer so I could spend time there weekly. Any locals reading this should definitely pop in and visit the ladies there. I have taught a class on a Sheep I created once and I loved the experience. I cannot wait to teach again!!

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