Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gardens, Garage Sale Plunder and Gorgeous Weather!!

Well the weekend is almost over, only a few hours of daylight left and I feel I have accomplished so much yet there is so much more to go. I finally uploaded my pics and am able to share with you all (ok so no one reads this but me but maybe somewhere down the road someone may see this!).

First off my garden is doing rather well, except for the cucumbers which died a miserable death of unknown causes. I went out and bought another so hopefully they will do better. I also got a Super Sweet 100 Cherry tomato plant also. So here is pics of what I have planted:
Grape Tomatoes-----------------mini pumpkins-------------------zucchini

bush beans-----------------------yellow squash
I don't have pics of the new cucumbers or the new cherry tomatoes yet though.
The whole container garden set:

--------patio---------------homemade trellis for climbing veggies
I have also finished my Faerie Garden (so named because I wanted the faeries to have a lovely spot to rest)

On Saturday, the family and I went to the garage sales, we haven't done this in a while and boy did we make out like bandits!! My dd13 scored on a box full of mini dinosaurs (latest obsession), hubby got some cd's and dvd's, dd11 got a few stuffed animals and some cute clothes and I scored by racking up on some yarn and crochet/knit books/mags. I also got a hook, buttons, noses, and some odds and ends!! All for under $20 or so!


Various acrylics and cotton -----buttons, hook, decorative buttons, noses
more acrylic yarn----------------some fiberfil

Here is a look at the decorative buttons, I am going to use these on my ami's for eyes and various decorations. They look like buttons from the '70's. I love them!!

I have lots more to share but am sure this is enough for now!

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