Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Welcome to my new blog. I am creating this because I need a place to work out patterns I am creating, a place to get my frustrations out and a place to send my students when they need help. If you are here visiting my blog then welcome and hang on as I try to learn new stuff all the time!

About me: I am 37 and during the day I work at medical billing, at night I craft. I currently am crocheting, my interests are amigurumi (crochet animals), granny squares, and blankets. I love to watch videos to learn new styles, stitches, and patterns. It is a wonderful resource and I have learned so much from watching the videos. I also know how to knit and love to felt and design purses. I have needle felted but decided I don't have a big talent for it, I only do it for applique to items. I am very interested in spinning but have tried to do a drop spindle and I don't have much patience for it. I just inherited a spinning wheel from a relative and would love to work on it once I can get it fixed up.

My downfall, I tend to only be able to do one craft at a time. I tend to obsess over one thing until I get tired of it then I move on. I like to be creative and design my own patterns or improvise on others. I am not much of a rule follower so anything with an exact gauge is out!

I just started teaching classes in Amigurumi at a local yarn store, Ewetopia and found out I love it! Thanks Lori for the opportunity!! I hope to be able to do more classes!

Time is short for me due to two busy girls, my eldest plays Select Soccer and the youngest does Cheerleading. Both are time consuming but luckily my craft is portable!!

Please feel free to comment and introduce yourself as I bumble along on this blog!

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