Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hottest Day of the Year!! (so far)

Whew, it was a hot one out, at least for this part of Ohio. And of course all my activities were spent outside today. My work had a huge party down in Cincy at the Reds game. We were in some fancy smancy suite and it was hot but somewhat shaded and just freakin' awesome. Didn't notice a game playing but was all you care to eat and open bar. I did get some crocheting done, finished my first washcloth (shock, I know) and did the body for another little owlet.

Then there was running around to take back my rental car and pick up my car and zoom off to the soccer fields to watch dd13 play. (short story with car, car got hit, car went ouch, car took two weeks to heal, car home and much better now)

Dd13 won soccer game (felt like 102 degrees out there) so now we are home and I am relaxed and chillin'.

Did I mention that I am getting over a nasty cold? Oh, guess not since I just started this blog yesterday. Yup, caught a cold at the soccer tournaments this past weekend along with dd11, its a 4 day virus and really drags you down. But if you are a mom, you know it can't stop you, just slow you down.

Tomorrow I am off work, so is hubby, it is our 16th anniversary! Yea us. Dunno what we are going to do, heck I can't even sleep in. I have to taxi the kids to school!! But whatever it is, it will be relaxing!

Yea for the 3 day weekend! Enjoy!!

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