Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm officially on a Yarn Diet!!!

So the story begins with an empty shelf. The hubs and I were discussing my yarn access problem and he voluntarily gave up his dvd shelf for me (he wants another) and so off he went to empty it and I cleaned out the corner (from hell) to make room. The original idea was that I would put in pieces of wood to divide the shelves by creating an X effect but I couldn't wait for that so I started filling it up with the yarn I had in my bedroom:

So I put all my yarn in order, neutral colors first, then your rainbow (mixing in pink with the reds) and then my stripes. If you look closely you will see that there is still room in all the cubes. I was so proud of all my beautiful yarn, it was all on display now and it was soft and pretty and colorful and .... ok getting sidetracked. It was like a mini yarn shop of my very own. I could choose any color to use and there it was to go grab! But wait, if memory serves me right, I think I have a few more skeins down in the basement... let me go get them and pop them onto the shelf.

And so down stairs I went to get the few skeins I had left to add... and 5 duffel bags later.... Now my yarn shelf is so full that I am glad yarn is soft and squishy! I sure had to squish in a lot of yarn!! I found tubs I didn't know I had. The original plan was to use one cube for books and notions... guess that didn't work out!

What colors do you think are my favorite?

Want to know another secret?? I didn't add in my novelty yarns or some of my less loved acrylics...... ack!!

Anyone else want to donate a dvd shelf?


  1. With that much yarn, and such small projects, the diet should last for some time!

  2. Very nice! I love the look! I clicked on the pics so I could see close up :-)
    You sure have lots of yarn to play with for a bit!
    ~Vicki (Nonaofsav on Ravelry)

  3. I like the shelf, sp easy to find what you are looking for. Well Done!

    knotbuilder on Rav.

  4. Gorgeous! I want you stash. :)

    I'm putting another little dachshund in my shop today and I'll soon (maybe in less than a month?) be adding the pattern to my shop. I'm working on getting my first pattern tested right now - the hedgehog.