Sunday, June 14, 2009

Frogs and Owls

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I had a class at Ewetopia where I was able to teach two wonderful students how to make the cutest frog and owl patterns by Brigette Read (with her permission of course). Both were previous students from the class where I taught my sheep pattern (to be posted soon). I enjoyed myself and hope they both did too. Over the course of the three hours we did get one compete frog done each and also a good start on an owl. I feel it was a success and I have been asked to come back again.

Here is a picture of Cheryl's frog (taken on dd11's cellphone):

I love this shop, honestly I feel so at home when I walk in and it is just a great atmosphere. Some lys I have been in have been intimidating or you feel like you shouldn't touch anything. Here they encourage touching, trying, they know what they are talking about and they just have people drop in to work on projects!! If I was to ever open a shop it would be just like this one! I wish it was closer but I will say it is my favorite hang-out!! The best part? That they really seem to encourage youth to get involved in knitting/crochet. I love that!!

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