Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Recent Projects

Washcloth for Ewetopia beginner crochet class - simple sc in blo washcloth for half of it, then dc in blo on other half. Just enough to give a sample of what each looks like. Yarn is Cascade Luna (bought at Ewetopia) which is pretty nice!

Tawashi Scrubbie for Ewetopia beginner crochet class - this pattern was pretty easy but I didn't see that it was supposed to be worked in the back loops only and I didn't understand how to put it together in the end. I have since found a video that shows how this is done so my next one won't be jimmy-rigged! This yarn was Peaches & Cream but my next one that is just the diagonal washcloth shape is Cascade Sierra which I also like (and bought at Ewetopia). I will put it together during the class to show how to do it. I am also sure I will have other samples made up by then too (Aug 8)

This little guy is just one of the cubes made from the Square Chicks pattern from Roman sock. I simply did the square part then added some wings (made from a heart). This was put together for my sister's friend who wanted a cubey of her own!

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  1. That little guys is SO CUTE! I love his little wings and big eyes! hehehe!